Who can prescribe mistletoe products?
  • Mistletoe products must be prescribed by licensed physicians.

Why must mistletoe products always be injected?

Because they have no effect in tablet form. The proteins in the mistletoe extracts would be “digested” in the stomach and become ineffective. For this reason, mistletoe must be injected subcutaneously. From there it enters the bloodstream.

In some situations, a mistletoe infusion may also be benficial. However, the effect of an infusion is much stronger than that of subcutaneous injections, so infusion therapy should only be given by experienced mistletoe specialists.

Do I have to inject the mistletoe at a specific time of day?

If the goal is to stimulate the activity of your organism, it’s best to inject between 7 and 9 am because that is when your body temperature is rising. If a warmth effect is desired, it’s better to inject between 5 and 6 pm, when your body temperature has reached its maximum. Please stick to the time(s) your doctor has recommended.

You can also inject during the early afternoon – depending on what seems most beneficial for your individual situation.

In any case, it’s important that you rest for half an hour after each injection.

When can I start mistletoe therapy?

You can start at any time – ideally as soon as you receive the diagnosis and before any surgery is done to remove the tumor. You can start at any stage of the disease.

Can I also start during chemotherapy or radiation therapy?

Yes. In fact, mistletoe therapy reduces the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Chronic fatigue, in particular, is less frequent and less severe.

Important: To avoid skin inflammation, do not inject into radiation fields (areas where you are receiving radiation therapy).

Does mistletoe reduce the effectiveness of other therapies?

No, this has not been observed to date. Quite the contrary: Chemotherapy accompanied by mistletoe therapy has fewer side effects, so the chemo can be intensified and thus becomes even more effective. The same applies to radiation therapy.

Does mistletoe therapy influence the tumor markers in my blood?

Possibly. Tumor markers change during the course of the disease. If a tumor shrinks during mistletoe therapy, the tumor markers usually decrease, too.

Is the red spot at the injection site an allergic reaction?

No, the reddening is a desired response. Slight swelling and itching is normal, too. This shows the doctor how your body is reponding to the mistletoe.  However, the local reaction should not exceed 5 cm (2 in) in diameter. If the red spot is larger than this, please talk to your doctor about reducing the dose or possibly switching to a product from a different host tree.

Is it dangerous if I get a fever during mistletoe therapy?

No. A slight fever is a desired reaction – it shows that your body is responding to mistletoe therapy. Many cancer patients tend to have a low average body temperature, so a slight increase is beneficial, especially as it makes you feel pleasantly warm.

How long does mistletoe therapy last?

Mistletoe therapy is a long-term treatment. The length depends on your individual situation: disease progression, your overall health, and how your body responds to the treatment. Please discuss your individual duration of therapy with your doctor.

Can mistletoe therapy promote tumor growth?

No. There is no evidence that mistletoe therapy promotes tumor growth, although this is sometimes claimed. It has even been shown that mistletoe can inhibit tumor growth, but additional trials are needed to demonstrate this more clearly.

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