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About YURiA Pharma

Founded in 1998, «YURiA-PHARM» focused its efforts on production of infusions and as of today is a leading infusion manufacturer not only in Ukraine, but also in CIS. YURiA-PHARM supplies medical facilities with more than 100 items of blood- and plasma substitute solutions, original infusion drugs, antibiotics, fungicidal drugs, syrups, antiseptics, parenteral nourishment preparations, anti-tuberculosis drugs, syringes, I.V. sets. The company’s product line sums up to more than 40 infusions, completely covering the needs of medical facilities in infusion therapy. Annual turnover of the company exceeds 60 million bottles. The company delivers products to Russia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Kirgizia, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Uganda, Kenya and Namibia. More than 100 items are now being registered for usage in different countries and the number is continuously growing. In 2008 «YURiA-PHARM» Corporation has received a Certificate of compliance to international quality management standards ISO 9001 (9001:2009). In 2011 «YURiA-PHARM » Corporation has completed GMP certification. «YURiA-PHARM» total headcount is constantly growing and at the moment exceeds 800, 2/3 of them being involved in production and R&D. The company is represented in Nigeria by Kleef & Helixor Pharm Nigeria Limited.

The company is the representative of YURiA Pharma a foremost East European Pharmaceutical company based in Kiev, Ukraine.  www.uf.ua

Products available in Nigeria from YURiA Pharma are as follows:

  • Lacerta (Skin regeneration)

  •   Dial (Osteoarthritis injection)

  •  Revul Homeostatic (Blood Stopper)

  • Bitub Isoniazid Syrup (for TB Treatment  & Prevention)

  •  Inbutol (TB treatment Drug)

  • Starloxe (Leflocin Antibitiotic injection)

  • Ulaizer Home Nebulizer (Respiratory device)

  • Ulaizer Pro Nebulizer (Respiratory device)

  • Nebulizer Kits & Accessories (Respiratory device)