HLIBNY DAR is a flawless Ukrainian WHEAT VODKA, solely marketed in Nigeria by KLEEF & HELIXOR

HLIBNY Dar-A premium wheat brand of Vodka!

Hlibny Dar having been rated as vodka №3 in the world as reported by Drinks International worldwide is a flawless Ukrainian vodka with an intoxicating sensation chosen by the international alcohol elite.

The product which is made exclusively with natural ingredients and high-quality spirits of the class “Lux”, on ecologically pure water from an artesian well has won many reputable awards and rightfully occupies a place in the top three recognized world ranking on Vodka, along with well-known giants.


Hlibny Dar is flawless with an intoxicating sensation. This premium wheat Vodka is the perfect complement to a festive table, picnic or outdoor recreation.
#Glutenfree #rated number 3 by drinks international

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